K&K Calisthenics - Coaching Team for 2019


Our coaches are qualified with ACF Sports Commission and ensure their first aid, working with childrens check and all other essential training is valid and always up to date to ensure our pupils and our members are given the best training.

Our Principal Coach: Kim Dunstan is a Level Two qualified coach, which is the highest for our sport and is the Head Coach of all sections at K&K Calisthenics.   She continues to support, guide and train our other coaches in the club.  Kim also coaches Calisthenics & Dance Solos and prepares our students in Pupil Skills Exams each year.  

Our Tinies Coaching team are:

Head Coach - Kim Dunstan

Cadet Coach - Shellie Thomson & Whitney Camenzuli

Assistant - Olivia Dunstan

Demonstator - Madison Fanning

Our Juniors Coaching team are:

Head Coach - Kim Dunstan​

Assistants - Lisa Moloney

Our Masters Coaches team are:

Level 1 Co-Coaches - Kelly Towers & Erin Olsson

Our Sub-Juniors Coaching team are:

Head Coach - Kim Dunstan

Level 1 Coach - Bianca Diliberto

Mentor Level 1 Coach - Kelly Towers

Cadet Coach - Cassidy Clayton

Assistant - Leanne McKenner

Our Seniors

Coach is:

Head Coach - Kim Dunstan

Our Skills Coaches are:

Kim Dunstan

 Jasmine Diliberto &

Kelly Lee


Erin is new to K&K & we welcome her to our coaching team & club