ABOUT K&K Calisthenics

K&K Calisthenics is an all-inclusive club, for girls, boys and ladies located in the Western Suburbs. Calisthenics is an artistic sport that involves participants performing choreographed routines to music. Pupils learn between 4-7 different routines and compete at local and state competitions. Calisthenics items are made up of these skills:  gymnastics, ballet, singing, acting, marching & jazz, hip hop & contemporary dance.


At K&K Calisthenics, our vision and mission is to inspire and support our pupils whilst promoting team work, confidence and self-esteem within an active, safe and fun-filled environment.  


Our Principal Coach, Kim Dunstan has been involved in Calisthenics for over 40 years as a pupil, coach and parent and is very excited to share her passion and love for the sport of Calisthenics, with the people of the west. Kim has a firm belief that calisthenics is a sport that offers not only physical benefits but also encourages the development of many life skills, such as self-confidence, personal growth and being an effective team member. K&K Calisthenics promotes all of these qualities, whilst having lots of fun along the way. 


K&K Calisthenics is a family club that is supported by some amazing volunteers who just want to see students enjoy watching calisthenics or their family members learn new skills, improve in confidence and have fun whilst in a happy & safe environment.