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Our Principal Coach & Co-Founder of K&K - Kim Dunstan

Kim Dunstan
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Kim started her calisthenics career in 1974 as a shy Tiny student and has loved the sport ever since.  She was a pupil for over 30 years and retired from the stage to have children and focus more on coaching.  She has appeared back on stage many times since retiring in her seniors and masters teams when needed, once a calisthenics performer always able to re-appear when needed.  At the young age of 12 she started tutoring students and found that she loved coaching, so she started her coaching qualifications.  Her favourite items were always the fancy ones where her bright personality came out and her comedic acting skills were let loose.   Kim was a member of many successful teams, loving the thrill of performing on stage and the teamwork that calisthenics requires.    2019 marked the 45th year of calisthenics participation for Kim firstly as a pupil then continuing on as a coach and also a proud calisthenics mum.


Kim has been a Level Two qualified coach for over 15 years.   Level 2 is the highest coaching level that can be achieved in calisthenics to date.   Kim continues to be inspired to learn new skills so that she can be a good role model & coach to her students.   Kim isn't just a mainstream coach, she has taught calisthenics at special schools & has had many parents comment on how great calisthenics is to build their child’s confidence, self-esteem & gross motor skills.  Calisthenics to Kim means trying your best, learning new skills, building your confidence and having fun whilst being part of a team in a friendly & safe environment.  Kim has taught all age groups over the many years & continues to be the Head Coach in all sections, overseeing students & coaches to continue to grow their skills. 


Kim, along with her friend Katie Harrison started up K&K in 2014, this is where the K&K name is from.  Unfortunately, in 2017 Katie's family life was growing and she had to give up calisthenics and resigned from K&K.  Katie knew that Kim and her committee members & volunteers of the club would be able to support Kim to continue to grow K&K Calisthenics.  At the end of 2017, Kim became the sole Principal & President of K&K Calisthenics.  She was also awarded at the 5th year celebrations an Outstanding Leadership Award which was an amazing honour given to her from all current members of  K&K Calisthenics.


Outside of Calisthenics, Kim works full time in the amazing and crazy Advertising Industry and has two beautiful children Joshua and Olivia.  Kim’s son Joshua is autistic and so Kim is a strong believer that all students should be given the chance to try all sporting activities especially sports that help with fine and gross motor skills as calisthenics does.  Kim's daughter Olivia is a member of our senior team as well as our coaching team, she is an amazing caring person & is following in her mum's footsteps to become a well respected young coach.  

Kim strongly believes everyone should be given the chance to DANCE & shine on stage.


In 2019 a couple of parents from the club nominated Kim & the K&K Coaching team for an award in "Excellence in Promoting Health & Wellbeing" in the Victorian Disability Awards.  What an honour to be named a finalist & then named runners up to the AFL Wheelchair program.   An amazing recognition & achievement from all at the K&K who just want to ensure all our students are given the same chances to be part of our amazing sport of calisthenics.  We were very lucky to have both Liam Murphy - CEO & Yolanda Marinov - Club Support Manager from Calisthenics Victoria there to celebrate this amazing achievement.  Kim was very honoured to receive this award on behalf of all the coaches at K&K and all club members & their families.

In 2020, K&K Calisthenics was part of the TV 2 part series "This is Calisthenics".  What an honour it was to showcase our club & how being inclusive makes a world of difference to those who need our support, understanding & caring the most.  Kim along with some amazing members of K&K were highlighted in a short 15 second segment.  Kim was so proud of our members & performers who showed everyone what our club is about.  

In 2021, K&K Calisthenics was asked to be part of the Victoria Disability Sports new campaign "Show us you can play" & we were so proud to again show the community what calisthenics is all about & how much fun & inclusive it is as a sport.   We had several of our amazing students participate in the video along with our coaches & committee.  Our amazing Ella Hamilton was featured in the TV series "This is Calisthenics" along with other students that suffer from disorders that make life & sport a challenge were all part of this new campaign.  At K&K with time, support, guidance & understanding they are all confident team members & feel that their sometimes special needs are listened to & helped to find the best way possible to fit in & feel like a valued member of the team like everyone else.


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